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Super Bonder

Super Bonder

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🖤 S U P E R   B O N D E R 🖤

If you ask us, Super Bonder has to be the best thing since they invented the wheel! Forget waiting 24-48 hours to wash you face or go to the gym! With Super Bonder, they’re problems of the past! 

• Dries glue instantly*

• Increase retention

• Reduce irritation

HOW TO USE: After you have finished applying eyelash extensions, wait for 2 minutes. Squeeze a small amount onto a microstick and apply thoroughly to bonding area. Allow to air dry, a fan can be used to speed up the drying process. Once dry, the lashes are safe to get wet after just 3 minutes.

Check out our Super Bonder to really level up your retention game and keep your clients coming back time after time!